with us...

as the trip down wrestling's memory lane brings you all the great names of wrestlers in the Central Ohio area and a whole lot more.

Memories of wrestler, promoter and motel/restaurant owner Al Haft, along with Frankie Talaber, Don Eagle and Wild Bill Zim will bring it all together. 

What is 
Going on here?

This is a memorial and information-seeking site about Wild Bill Zim’s life in pro wrestling. (He was my old man.) It travels Central and North America, and spans the 1930s to the 1950s. I am gradually adding materials to the site, so please contact me if you might have something about Bill.   Mike Zim

Wild Bill Cody

Frankie Talaber

Wild Bill Zim sculpting friend Bill Watts, 1948.

Don Eagle

"To my little buddy Wild Bill", Al Getchell 1958 .

Wild Bill Zim caricaturing Columbus Citizen cartoonist and wrestling Commissioner, Al Getchell, in 1948.

Wild Bill applying an Arm Bar to (perhaps) Ben Ali, in North Bay, Ontario. (Please advise, if you know the victim's identity.) 
The Arm Bar is
"first-cousin to the dreaded double wrist lock, and is the sort of maneuver which could be converted into my favorite hold, the short-arm leg scissors." -J.M. Kenyon